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SB 2X-77-02 R2 Temperature Engine Sensor Modification

Are you, or have you experienced continual EGT/CHT problems?  Are you Serials SR20-1184 thru 1581, Serials SR22-0300 thru 1601, 1603 thru 1643, 1645 thru 1662?  If you have not had this optional SB performed, we would be happy to do so for you.  This SB changes the style connections the probes use.  The old style was prone to corrosion, so when it would reoccur, it could cause erroneous readings.  This new “automotive” type connection is sealed and when properly installed can offer years of trouble free service.  Even if you currently have EGT/CHT indication issues we would suggest performing this SB before replacing any probes.  When this kit is performed here, we inspect each probe for resistance and fraying to the harness, this helps rule out any shorted probes that may require replacement.

Call us today to set up your appointment to have this done.
$1,000 installed most models.

New customer annual rates:  Annuals are performed using the Cirrus AMM checklists.  All annuals include performing the oil change and a handful of other service items.  Parts for these tasks, shop supplies and applicable disposal fees are in addition to the base rate. 

SR20, SR22 NA Base $2,000
SR22 TAT/O2 Base $2,400
SR22T/O2 Base $2,500

Add on:
Airwolf ICA $75
Keith ICA $75
Installed Oxygen bottle ICA’s $75
FIKI Tests $300


Free flap mod installation and trim motor testing with new customer annual and DFC90 purchase.  DFC90 Installation $9,995*

 *With offer, must have compatible PFD hardware and software, plane will also require test flight.
 IFD440 Installs