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Isaiah Daw is the business owner, pilot, A&P, and IA in the aviation industry for 17 years.  He is also an account manager for the Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management team.

While we offer a variety of services, if you think you are having an electrical or engine problem and have an engine monitor, the next best step is to look at the engine data.  This can save hundreds of dollars by helping determine a problem and should be used as a trouble shooting tool.  Since we do not claim to know it all, we trust our data review to Savvy Analysis Pro

Isaiah Daw: Owner, Pilot, A&P, and IA

Tel: 972-834-2476

698 CR 1143  Tyler, TX  75704

Our team is hands on; from the owner to a new hire that has been working at an authorized service center for over a decade.  We are factory trained without the repair station pricing offering a level of professionalism that is unsurpassed.  Our experts have installed an array of upgrades, performed composite repairs, and performed virtually every single repair needed.

We are prepared and highly qualified to provide a professional diagnostics check of your aircraft to get you airborne as quickly and safely as possible.  We look forward to the opportunity to show you why you should look no further for a trusted mechanic that genuinely cares about the well being of your aircraft and the ease of operation.